Analyzing and Processing FITS files with Montage

Color composite of large scale mosaics of the Two Micron All-Sky Survey (2MASS) J, H, and K image data at full resolution (1 arcsecond/pixel). Courtesy Dr. John Good (Caltech)

Ever want to do basic tasks such as retrieve the header from a FITS file, check that the header of a FITS file is valid, re-size a FITS file, or do a cutout of a FITS file? The Montage distribution contains many modules that make these tasks easy:

Analyze FITS Files:

Generate metadata from a set of FITS images mImgtbl
Generate metadata from a set of header files mHdrtbl
Filter an image metadata table down to those records representing FITS files that overlap a footprint on the sky mCoverageCheck
Retrieve the header from a FITS image mGetHdr
Check the validity of a FITS image’s header mHdrCheck

Process FITS Files:

Create a set of tiled images or header templates from a FITS file or header mTileImage
Re-project FITS images mProject
Convert FITS data to a different data type (ie, integer to floating-point) mConvert
Replace a particular set of values in a FITS image with NaNs (or vice-versa) mNaN
Remove the background from an image mFlattenExec
Replace a FITS image’s header with one from an ASCII header template mPutHdr
Re-size a FITS image mShrink
Create a “cutout” of a FITS image mSubimage
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