Montage Used To Study Molecular Outflows in W5.

Ginsburg, Bally and Williams (2011) used Montage in their study of molecular outflows in the star formation complex W5, using CO 3-2 data made with the HARP array on the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (Hawaii).  As part of their analysis, they used Montage to resample 13CO data measured as part of the  FCRAO Outer Galaxy Survey to match the Bolocam Northern Galactic Plane Survey maps.

Ginsburg et al write: "An overview of the W3/4/5 complex (also known as the “Heart and Soul Nebula”) in false color. Orange shows 8 μm emission from the Spitzer and MSX satellites. Purple shows 21 cm continuum emission from the DRAO CGPS ; the DSS R image was used to set the display opacity of the 21 cm continuum as displayed). The green shows JCMT 12CO 3-2 along with FCRAO 12CO 1-0 to fill in gaps that were not observed with the JCMT. The image spans ∼ 7◦ in galactic longitude. This overview image shows the hypothesized interaction between the W4 superbubble and the W3 and W5 star-forming regions."

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  1. If you’d like a higher resolution version of the image, grab it here:

    (also, this post can be removed if you put a higher-res image up)

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