X-ray Observations of Radio Transients without Optical Hosts

Montage was recently used by Croft, Tomsick and Bower in their study of a VLA archival calibration field. They used Chandra observations to attempt to identify X-ray coun- terparts to the eight transient sources without optical counterparts, and two transient sources known to have optical counterparts. They were able to identify a marginal X-ray detection of one source. They concluded that the data are consistent with the view that the optically-undetected radio transients are flares from isolated old Galactic neutron stars.

Postage stamp images of sources in this study. From top left to bottom right, in order of increasing wavelength: Chandra; GALEX far-UV and near-UV; POSS-II Bj, Rc, and Ic; J, H, and Ks from B07; WISE channels 1 – 4. Overlaid on each image are radio contours are from 150 – 250 μJy beam−1 in steps of 50 μJy beam−1 for the single-epoch VLA D-array data for 5T7.

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