The Kid Is Back: The Next Generation of the Montage Image Mosaic Engine

I am delighted to say that we have received funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to deliver the next generation of the Montage Image Mosaic Engine. This new effort responds to the dramatic evolution in the computational landscape astronomy in the past few years.  We will deliver, over the next two years:

  • Support for data cubes.
  • Support for two sky partitioning schemes, the Hierarchical Equal Area isoLatitude Pixelization (HEALPix), standard in cosmic background experiments; and the Tessellated Octahedral Adaptive Subdivision Transform (TOAST), used in immersive platforms such as the World Wide Telescope.
  • A set of turnkey tools and associated tutorial  that will enable astronomers who are not expert in distributed platforms and technologies to launch and manage processing at scale.
  • A library that will allow Montage to be run directly from languages such as Python.

Montage has recently been relicensed, and is now available under a BSD 3-clause license. We will be making the code available on GitHub.  We will also overhaul the web page and revive the Montage blog (here!).

The project staff are: Bruce Berriman (PI), John Good (Architect), Marcy Harbut (Documentation), Tom Robitaille and Ewa Deelman (collaborators). We are guided by a Users’ Panel consisting of Adam Ginsburg, August Muench and Suzanne Jacoby.

Just to whet your appetite, we show  a short video that displays the structure of a molecular disk wind in HD 163296, measured by ALMA (PI: M. Rawlings). The video shows a re-projection by Montage of a data cube of the star that covers multiple velocities relative to the center of the CO J=3-2 line.

And here is a poster that describes some of the features we will be delivering, presented at the 2015 NSF SI2 PI Workshop, February 15 and 16 2015 in Arlington, VA.


PDF version:




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