Montage used in the generation of the STARBIRDS Archive

McQuinn, Mitchell and Skillman (2015) recently published “The Panchromatic STARBurst IRregular Dwarf Survey (STARBIRDS): Observations and Data Archive.” They combined new and archival multi-wavelength observations for 20 nearby starburst and post-starburst dwarf galaxies to create a new archive of calibrated, homogeneously reduced images: the  “STARBurst IRregular Dwarf Survey” archive. They aggregated   images from the Galaxy Evolution Explorer Telescope (GALEX), the Hubble Space Telescope (HST), and the Spitzer Space Telescope (Spitzer) Multiband Imaging Photometer instrument. The data sets include flux calibrated, background subtracted images, al co-registered to the same world coordinate system.

The team used the Montage module mJPEG to create grayscale preview JPEG files of all the FITS files – you can see some examples below.  The JPEGs were made using a Gaussian stretch of the full range of the original image up to a maximum flux level of 99.999% of all pixel values. One of the benefits of the Montage toolkit design is that components such as mJPEG can be included in a script or program for bulk creation of images.

Visit the archive at

Here are some sample images:




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