Expanding The Breadth of Use of the Montage Image Mosaic Engine


This is the title of a poster presented at the 2017 NSF Software Infrastructure for Sustained Innovation (SI^2) Principal Investigator (PI) workshop in February 2017 (an earlier version was presented at the ADASS conference in Trieste, Italy in October 2016). The poster emphasizes the benefits of the simple, flexible and sustainable design, and describes four new uses of Montage:

  • Supporting enhanced photometry with the Spitzer Extragalactic Representative Volume Survey (SERVS).
  • Creating mosaics of Gemini GEMS adaptive optics images: combining images of four chips into a single mosaic.
  • Sub-setting image cubes that are up to 1 TB each in the CSIRO ASKAP Science Data Archive (CASDA), which stores 5 petabytes/year.
  • Creating a full-resolution, five-color mosaic of the Herschel Hi-GAL Survey of the Galactic plane, for display on the Fiske Planetarium dome.

ADASS 2016-1_best_Sep28_editedMH copy


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