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Does Montage Conserve Flux When Changing the Image Resolution?

This question has been asked several times. It was first posed on-line by Loren Anderson on the Astrobetter page on image mosaics: “An important note on Montage is that it does not conserve flux when changing the image resolution. For … Continue reading

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What Are The “Area Files” That Are Produced With The Mosaics?

Montage returns with each mosaic an “area file” in FITS format that contains the total amount of sky area (steradians) that contributed to the value of a pixel. It weights¬† the output flux by the “areas” of the contributing inputs. … Continue reading

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Montage Used To Study Molecular Outflows in W5.

Ginsburg, Bally and Williams (2011) used Montage in their study of molecular outflows in the star formation complex W5, using CO 3-2 data made with the HARP array on the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (Hawaii).¬† As part of their analysis, … Continue reading

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